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We provide comprehensive web development and support services
exclusively to the medical industry.

Dedicated Web Teams

Enjoy access to your dedicated web team, providing smart strategy backed by in-depth technical and marketing knowledge. We are your medical web department.

Custom Web Design

Your web presence is essential and needs to be custom designed, populated, strengthened, and maintained from all devices and all corners of the web.

Web Marketing & Reputation

20+ years of successfully guiding and supporting our clients' web presence and marketing efforts while maintaining reputations and find-ability on the Internet.

Medical Web Development Company
Healthcare Branding

We are healthcare branding experts providing brain-share that gets you focused and executing on a strong strategically aligned brand across your Internet footprint.

Communications & IT

Secure Patient Communications Solutions, Referrals, Intake, HIPAA Email, Secure Forms, Reminders/Alerts, the list is long. We provide smart Healthcare IT solutions.

Technology & Security

Medical strength web technology, hosting, servers, security/HIPAA - our resources are deep. We have you covered with smart, cost-effective, secure, customized web technology solutions.

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Medical Website Design

Vital Element Inc. provides custom medical website design and solutions based medical web development exclusively for the medical industry. We provide your medical practice with a dedicated team of experts to support and build your professional web presence.

Your community, your colleagues, and your patients develop a relationship with your practice by way of what they see on your website. Our medical web designers are here to translate your legacy brand to the web while preserving and presenting what's best about your practice, staff, and the conditions/treatments you provide your community.

Color, graphics, imagery, branding, logo, you name it - we are here to orchestrate the best possible professional representation of your medical brand and make it strong and sought after in your community.

It is our mission to help you leverage your web presence into your greatest practice asset. And it all starts with Vital Element custom medical website design.

Learn a lot more about our Medical Website Design services here.

Mobile Responsive Medical Web Design

The world has drastically changed over the past few years. Patients are accessing the Internet via a wide variety of devices - from Desktops to laptops - from iPhones to iPads - and from every screen size, watch size to wall size. What this means is your practice has to respond and deliver the best web content and resources to your patients no matter what device they are using.

Vital Element proudly offers mobile medical website solutions. Our web plans include a wide variety of mobile-ready websites and creative solutions to react to your patients' devices.

Most importantly, we have the the experience and know how to think ahead and present mobile resources to specific devices. When a patient needs tap-to-call, tap-to-map, tablet-based registration, or any of many other needs, Vital Element has your medical website mobilized and ready to deliver - easy to use and ready at their finger tips.

Patient Connected Services

A connected patient is a happy patient. An efficient medical practice is a successful medical practice. Giving your current patients, prospective patients, and referring physicians secure web-based communication tools is expected and has become the standard of care. Vital Element offers solutions that allow you to provide your patients and staff with a better experience, optimal workflow, faster service, less mail, fewer phone calls, fewer clicks, and ultimately improve your intake patient information accuracy and staff efficiency.

As a Vital Element client, you'll enjoy choosing from services including Patient Portal integration, EMR/EHR integration, Patient Online Bill Pay, Online Patient Forms, Patient Appointment Request Forms for new and current patients, New Patient Forms Starters, Practice Surveys, Patient Testimonials, Patient Reminders & Alerts (text and phone messaging reminders), HIPAA Secure Telemedicine including HIPAA Secure Video Conferencing, and a wide variety of other secure patient and internal secure communication solutions.

Medical Practice Web Marketing

We've been driving our clients' websites to the top of search engine results for many years now - so long we are referred to as the experts in our field. We've had clients tell us that we've "made their practice what it is" and we're immensely proud to be a part of hundred's of medical practices across the nation.

Having a custom medical website is a vital part of your Internet strategy. Getting found is elemental. Whether it be current patients trying to find you and your practice resources or prospective patients who drive the growth of your practice, our proprietary process and years of experience give you the trust and confidence that your web team is the best in the business.

Vital Element Inc. provides you with a complete web marketing strategy for your medical practice or healthcare business. Vital Element marketing services include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Local & Business Mapping Listings, Mobile, Paid Search PPC, Analytics, HIPAA Compliant Newsletters, Reviews & Reputation Programs, a complete suite of Social Media and Publishing resources/management, and much much more. Strategy comes first, then comes our resources and expertise that drives your medical web marketing success.

Web Marketing Intelligence

As part of your web strategy, gathering user data is important to our ability to celebrate our wins and make adjustments as your business needs change. Monitoring the growth of mobile devices accessing your information, popular pages, popular search terms, and referral sources like Google all play into the continued process of a successful medical practice Internet marketing strategy.

We will gather data, send you reports, and along with the awareness of your needs, make the necessary adjustments and implement the campaigns that help you continue on a trajectory toward the goals of your practice.

Want to augment the types of patients on your schedule? Want to grow your practice? Need to maintain a competitive edge in your markets? Vital Element's medical marketing analytics along with the power of our association with Google will complete the toolset needed to meet and exceed your business desires.

Medical Website Content & Patient Education

The content on your medical website is key to the success of your online marketing and empowering your patients. Our medical website support plans include your Vital Element team populating and crafting your medical content.

Vital Element web plans include developing your brand messaging, populating patient information and communications, medical content authoring, the build-out of your conditions and treatments, promotional information on important practice procedures, medical animations and graphics, medical images and stock photo licensing, video support and embedment, physician and staff bio support, and so much more.

We know medical! Our staff has wide-ranging medical experience! We have all the tools, materials, access, the tenure, and the experience of having created and supported medical content on medical websites for over a decade and a half.

Healthcare IT, Hosting, HIPAA, Security Solutions

As part of our web plans, you will be confident that you have a fully staffed healthcare IT team in place. Medical website hosting, servers, set up, maintenance, security, and monitoring is a core feature of our relationship with our clients.

Vital Element takes pride in its relationships with major technology companies. Our business associate relationships allow us to offer you the best in data centers, powerful Google technology, and security. We also have the expertise to support and manage your web assets. Vital Element clients enjoy access to domain/DNS management services, servers, hosting, email, document management, security/HIPAA, SSL, encryption, backups, and of course, intelligent consulting. This allows you the best and most cost-effective IT infrastructure - supported! Smart!

Healthcare Technology & Marketing Consulting

The web technology landscape can be daunting, rapidly changing, and requiring constant monitoring and updates. Before that, smart strategies and dedicated teams need to be in place to execute on your business goals and objectives. We make it our job to provide you with medical strength technology and the confidence that you have an expert team managing what's become your most important business asset - your web presence and web resources.

VITAL ELEMENT, a division of Practis, provides our clients with a dedicated web team. You have dedicated access to high powered minds with advanced strategy, creative design, and technical expertise to develop, deploy, and support your smart strategic web-based solutions.

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