Let's face it, getting a colonoscopy is a necessary evil. But what if the doctor performing the colonoscopy doesn't meet the national benchmarks? Does this mean you're getting a colonoscopy just for fun? Detecting colorectal cancers is imperative if you're going to go through this procedure. But what are the colonoscopy quality indicators?

In order for colonoscopy to be a beneficial screening tool in the detection and prevention of colorectal cancer, it must be safe and effective. For that reason, national benchmarks have been established as quality indicators for those performing colonoscopies. Our client, North West Center for Colorectal Health, located in and around Portland Oregon, is just such a colorectal practice meeting and exceeding the national benchmarks. On their website, these Portland Colonoscopy Screening experts have provided more information about the quality indicators and the Colonoscopy National Benchmarks in order to give you assistance when trying to find a high quality doctor and endoscopy center for your colonoscopy.

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