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Medical Search Engine Optimization (SEO) * Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Having a great medical web site also means finding it. One of the most talked about aspects of the Internet is search. Companies like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft are the darlings of the search world. Why is search so important? Well, these search engines are a bridge between your web site and your target markets. New patients, current patients, referring physicians, prospective customers, current customers, colleagues and essentially the world is connected to you primarily by way of a search engine. This is why it is important to have a solid search strategy.

While offline marketing and driving visitors to your site via word of mouth is important, having great search rank for the most relevant aspects of your medical practice or business is essential.

Coding web sites to reflect the best possible mix of results among the best possible search engines can be very complicated. Trying to coordinate page titles, meta tag keywords and descriptions, link popularity, geographic relevance, content relevance and strategic regular submissions to the best engines can be as much of an art as it is a science.

In today's search engine marketing world, there are many additional aspects to getting increased visibility of your site and thus increased traffic. This is why is it important to first have a strategy and then to execute, monitor and maintain that search marketing strategy. In a world of Universal/"Blended" search results, Social Media, The Mobile Web and an ever increasing move to Personalized Search, it is important to be listing in the major 'local' listings systems, business listings, mapping systems, social bookmarking systems, RSS Feeds and News Distribution systems, social networks, video search results, mobile marketing, Paid Search PPC systems, ... the list goes on and on.

Vital Element's expert consult and medical search engine marketing services are included as part of all our medical web site packages. We establish, execute and maintain a custom search marketing strategy for your organization. We take care of all the implementation details and monitor the results. We also provide ongoing traffic reports so you can see the number of visitor you're getting, what keywords they are using to find you, where they are coming from, which pages make them leave, and which make them stay.

With all these great statistics we can continue to tailor your site to leverage the best growth trajectory for your business. Just like with exercise, you can't just work out once and be fit. When managing your search engine marketing, you need to apply regular discipline and advanced techniques to continue to improve your search results. Our web programs provide this.

Contact us for more information @ (888) 566-4431 or Online

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services & Web Site Traffic Analysis

The fundamentals of search engine optimization start long before a search engine gets involved and don't end with good search rank. It is of the utmost importance to have a clear understanding of your business objectives, you've defined your markets and you've done search market research. Beyond that you need to continually analyze your results and, even more important, you need to be sure you've prepared a great web site. Yes; everything that happens after that click -- getting found is only part of the process.

Here is a general guide to SEO

  • define your web site's primary purposes
  • define your primary marketing objective
  • define your markets as they relate to your site's purpose and marketing desires
  • research the search tendencies of your target markets and SEO around their behaviors
  • properly code your pages with advanced SEO techniques, apply those techniques to search optimized content, and be sure to build around search friendly design
  • submit your site(s) to the search engines - also allow for natural indexing via credible related web sites
  • monitor the results and use server traffic data to continue to optimize your site
  • implement optimization strategies from the development phase and continue through to the growth and maintenance phases of your web site
  • continuously monitor your rank for your most desired target market
  • do page rank analysis across multiple search engines for your keywords
  • trending to analyze and document your improvements
  • providing proper information and xml guidance to web crawlers trying to index your site
  • optimize and provide information to the many other web sources for visibility and traffic
  • choose a web provider who does all this as part of a comprehensive medical web design program

Web Site Traffic Analysis, Statistics & Executive Reporting

As part of all our web packages, Vital Element provides executive reporting to our clients. Our analysis and reporting of key server traffic statistics allows us and our clients to monitor, trend and adjust web marketing strategies to meet specific target marketing goals and close the loop on strategic campaigns.


Paid Search, Sponsored Ads, Pay Per Click (PPC), Cost Per Click (CPC), Paid Placement, AdWords

It's important to distinguish between what's known as "organic" or "natural" search results and Paid Search results (also known as Sponsored Ads, Adwords, PPC pay-per-click, CPC cost-per-click or Paid Placement). Natural search results are the results that show up in the search results, typically toward the upper left of the results screen and are not indicated as "sponsored".

These natural results are placed at no cost other than having the right formula for ranking high for given keywords. Paid Search or Sponsored results are, in most search engines, those first couple results on the page top and, as in Google, along the far right column. These Paid Placement listings are managed and bids are configured to pay each time an ad is clicked.

To the left you can see some examples of real live sponsored ads. Ads like these are configured on the search engines and managed by us here at Vital Element.

Paid search is a full industry in and of itself. As part of some of our web package and some search marketing strategies, Paid Placement may be right for you at certain times for certain reasons.

Know that we have you covered when this type of search strategy is to be used.


Landing Page Optimization & Campaigns

"Landing Pages" are the result of a precision based web advertising strategy. The process involves the developing of a single page site on a real domain, on a real host, and for real precise reasons.

The single landing pages are SEO'd for organic and/or more commonly PPC (Pay Per Click) traffic. The landing page quickly covers the ad purpose and then presents a call-to-action to the visitor. The page strategy may be for special promotions, targeting specific medical procedures in specific geographies, or to simply presenting a controlled ad campaign.

These pages can then be tracked in a variety of ways. This can allow you to close the loop on your ad campaigns.

Our development of your "landing page(s)" will depend on your advertising strategy and web plan. The landing page(s) will contain the proper tools to track and monitor your ROI for your specific campaigns.


Local Search

Local Search - local listing systems, business listings, mapping systems, indexes and search results configured to display based either on geographic keywords or the actual physical geographic location of the individual doing a search. Being listed and ready to rank or display your ads or web site when locally related searches are part of what we do with your search marketing strategy.


Mobile Search

Mobile Search - mobile search and mobile ads are related to devising and executing a mobile search strategy related to your specific markets. Combing aspects of local and geo-local search optimization, "getting found" by the right people (using mobile devices) for the right reasons may make sense for your search marketing strategy. We can help.


Blended Universal Search

Blended Search, also known as Universal Search, is the process by which standard search engine results are injected with other types of search results like Video, Mapping, Images, and News.

With Blended Search results becoming more and more common, it is important to have a search optimized presence in these other systems so that those results can become part of the standard SERP (search engine results page).


Video Search Optimization

Video Search - With YouTube garnering as many searches as Yahoo every month now, it's not only important to have a video strategy, it is important to have a video search optimization strategy. Combine this with Blended search results and the importance of having great video as part of your web strategy, Vital Element has the tools and expertise to manage this important facet search marketing. Learn more about our medical web video programs. See our Medical Video YouTube Channel.


Social Network Marketing for DoctorsSocial Network Search Optimization

Social Networks and SEO - Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Blogs are a great opportunity to get brand recognition, links, and discussion about you and your services. There are many areas of Social Media. So much so that approaching Social as part of your overall medical web marketing strategy can be overwhelming. Vital Element allows you to leverage our expertise and the power of our networks, our medical news distributions systems, and strategic management of your your Social Media accounts. The successful results of a well implemented, value-add Social Marketing and Medical News Distribution web marketing strategy is a great opportunity to improve your overall web marketing goals. Our web programs, to a greater or lessor degree, include Social and News Media optimization and management.

Read our post on the "Top 10 Pros & Cons for Medical Practices using Social Networking web sites"


Medical Web News Publications, Medical Blogs & RSS News Feed Subscriptions

The use of medical news systems allows for greater web marketing opportunities and efficient news distribution for medical practices, business and organizations. With the popularity of news and RSS subscriptions, deploying and managing a search optimized medical news publication can increase your communications, connection with your markets, and build a community of subscribers. This may mean a strategic combination of a news publication system, medical blog, and Medical Web Times all working in conjunction with your web site. Your news articles will be picked up by the major search engines as part of the SERP (search engine results page). Learn more about our medical news publication strategies.


Medical Web Referrals

Medical Web Referrals is Vital Element's search engine for the Medical Industry. Your listing is included with select web packages or as a stand alone service and provides instant access to our highly ranked and trafficked web site. Medical Web Referrals gives you access to the search results of very targeted markets. Your listing will provide direct access to your most fundamental information and to your web site.

Medical Web Referrals is a low cost, fast and effective way to get your medical practice or business optimized and online. Start targeting patient conditions, procedures, your medical specialty and local community (geography) right away with a Medical Web Referrals online listing.

You can learn more about the benefits of Medical Web Referrals at


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