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Medical Web Times News Distribution & Management Systems

Medical Web Times & Medical News Systems

Medical Web Times is Vital Element's medical news web publishing site. Our more advanced web packages support client news posts in Medical Web Times and as part of a bigger search marketing and communications strategy.

Medical Web Times * Bite Size Medical News

Our more advanced packages also involve the installation of custom Medical News Systems in conjunction with the web package medical web site build. These custom news management and publishing systems are completely dedicated to your medical news needs. Our news systems allow for self publication management, subscription management and statistical tracking of news distribution and subscriptions.

Patients and interested public can easily subscribe to your news and have it automatically delivered to their email, web browser or other RSS readers.

The use of medical news systems allows for greater web marketing opportunities and efficient news distribution for medical practices, businesses and organizations. With the popularity of news and RSS subscriptions, deploying and managing a search optimized medical news publication can increase your communications, connection with your markets, and build a community of subscribers. Not to mention, with increasing blended search results, your news articles will be picked up by the major search engines as part of the SERP (search engine results page).

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XML & RSS Feeds For Medical News & Search Optimization

What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. RSS is a new way for companies to publish their information and keep customers updated when new information is available. Companies that are set up to use RSS will send out their information via an RSS news feed. The news feed is updated whenever new content is published to the site. You can tell companies that offer an RSS news feed by the RSS button on their web site. On the end user side of the process, customers will have to initially install an RSS news reader onto their computer, which they can download for free. Once the news reader is installed, as they visit web sites, they can click the RSS button on the site to subscribe and add the site to their reader. They will then receive an alert each time there is an update to one of their selected sites.

Why does Vital Element offer RSS?

Vital Element offers RSS on our site as well as a service to our customers. We offer an RSS feed on our press releases and on our newsletters. This service allows our clients to easily circulate information to a wide number of people. RSS is a powerful marketing technique as it gets your message to visitors who have chosen to subscribe to your site. In our experience, we have also found that search engines put a lot of emphasis on fresh content, and the RSS feed is constantly generating new content that is picked up by the search engines, which therefore can contribute to increasing your ranking.

Why do you need it for your medical web site?

Adding RSS to your site will provide a more cost effective way to distribute your news, press releases, newsletters, and announcements. You can automatically notify customers of special offers, events and promotions, all of which is customized to your customers according to their unique and personalized needs and criteria.

XML and Sitemaps for Search and Better Visibility

Vital Element employs a wide variety of XML creation, distribution and submission for your web site. This allows you to get better visibility and broadcast a more comprehensive index/crawl of your site and its resources. Most packages have these features as part of their included service.

Medical Press Release Services

Vital Element, Inc represents the latest cutting edge online technology.  A web site now is a representation of your business on a global level and in the public’s privacy of their own home.  The challenge you now face is to spread the news by informing the public, as well as other health care professionals. This is done by promoting your business/facility and making it known to your community.  Recognizing this, Vital Element, Inc., has developed a public relations news/press release marketing roadmap. We employ this functionality as part of some of our web development packages. The purpose is to help you announce your business and to reach the patients and medical professionals who can benefits from your services.

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