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Medical Website Marketing, Branding & Creative Services

Vital Element provides strategic web based marketing consult and web marketing implementation. As part of our medical website design packages, we incorporate Internet marketing and creative services to assist with developing a unified professional presentation of your medical web site and its associated healthcare brand.

Our medical web consulting and the subsequent execution on decided strategies allows for the best presentation of your brand and services. We work with a focus on your target markets and craft your web environments to speak to them.

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Medical Website Marketing & Design

The medical industry is one of the most researched areas online, yet few medical professionals place sufficient emphasis on their web sites. We are the solution you have been looking for! We have over 10 years experience along with our staff, with medical backgrounds, know your business. We successfully design, develop and promote your medical website - starting with strategy, followed by execution, followed by growth and support. Our team is dedicated to helping your medical practice or business grow by covering all your needs and continue to manage your growth.

At Vital Element, when it comes to marketing your website, we organize and implement your web marketing strategy to archive near term results and long term benefits. Our experience and resources in medical web search engines and marketing has elevated our medical customers into some of the most searched and trusted medical brands on the web. We have a wide variety of web marketing tools and programs at our disposal. Tell us what you want to achieve and we will build your custom medical web site with the best possible toolset; and then monitor and manage its growth.

Once your web site is in place, we'll analyze your results. Our executive reports help establish your return on your investment and help you understand and adapt to the way your markets behave. This also helps you maximize your marketing dollars and close the loop on your medical marketing campaigns.

Social Media

With technologies improving at a rapid pace, those that don't keep up will get left behind. There are many avenues for improved public exposure for your medical practice or healthcare organization and the internet has become the mainstream approach. Connecting multiple social platforms with a hub from your web site can help funnel potential new patients directly to your network and from your network to your medical web site.

Social media forums such as Facebook and Twitter, You tube, Delicious, linkedin, Dmoz, Yelp and local real time search and the myriad of other social media outlets have influenced nearly 40 percent of hospital, urgent care and medical center patients. Recently, on a consumer choice survey found that 53 percent of patients between the ages of 25 and 34 years old were the most influenced by social media. Because of this we want to make sure our medical clients are using these social media outlets and then channel the patients back into their web sites by providing a great environment and brand for that potential patient to make a decision by calling and making an appointment.

Social media have assisted many doctors, medical practices and healthcare organizations in improving their exposure to the general public, their markets, and more specifically their patients. Specialized medical practices, advanced technology and procedures may all be brought to the public's attention through the proper use of social media. Although, there are both, Pro's and Con's to the use of social networking sites by the medical industry, the pro's should outweigh the con's if the strategy is implemented properly.

For more about social media and the Top Pro's and Con's here is an article that Vital Element published

At Vital Element we specialize in combining your marketing research and understanding your marketing goals through strategic consultation. We then build your marketing campaigns and medical web sites to maximize your exposure and increase new patient referrals.

Medical Branding

Your brand can motivate, inspire and lead your markets to your service. At Vital Element we assist with developing your brand, cultivating your corporate culture, designing and integrating your brand into your web environments and marketing materials.

Your web site's healthcare brand says everything about you. It will either propel you or contribute to your average existence. In some cases, a poor medical web site can cost you new patients. This is especially the case if your competitors have better medical web sites. Or worse yet, if you've not positioned your site with good/targeted Search Engine Optimization, good or bad branding won't matter if you're not found.

Vital Element assists you with developing, growing and maintaining your brand as something people identify with and believe in. We build a solid medical web site and web marketing strategy around a professional presentation of your core brand, for your core markets.

We are living in historic times. With the Internet, small business and even individuals have access to the world's attention. In the past it took an enormous amount of time, money, and great decisions for an organization to develop, establish, promote, and then protect their brand.

It has been said that a brand is a promise to fulfill a need - and the emotional response to the experience that follows. Think of all the kept promises of the world's most established brands. Think of the emotions that are conjured up when you think of these brands.

  • Disney
  • Google
  • Coca-Cola
  • GE
  • Microsoft
  • Medtronic
  • McDonald's
  • the list goes on ...

The attention paid to your brand will be the symbol of the service you provide. The best web site design will reflect the best professional presentation of your medical brand. With the Internet having local and global reach, your brand presentation is a critical aspect of the overall web project. Vital Element focuses on your business no matter how large or small and translates your promises into your brand and your brand to the web. This may mean building your brand from the ground up or enhancing all the great work you've already done. As part of our medical web site packages, we incorporate branding and creative marketing services into your web site, communications and inevitably the minds of your markets.

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